APRIL 2004

Mark the beginning of QUAD EVENT MANAGEMENT by Seno Adhi Damono and Faisal Julianto

2004 - 2010

QUAD EVENT MANAGEMENT grew in business by handling various corporate events from Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Consumer Goods to personal events


Became bigger in the industry once assigned as the Main Event Organizer for 34th IPA Annual Convention and Exhibition, that follows up until this recent years


Since being officially acquired by DYANDRA in 2012, QUAD EVENT MANAGEMENT aims to be the best event solution company in Indonesia that strive by its quality satisfaction-driven value

2013 - now

In 2013, along with DYANDRA, Quad Event Management has become the only Event Organizing Company in ASEAN that has gone public and be in the stock market.

Quad Event target is to be the first Event Agency.